I’m Taylor Reich. My pronouns are they/them/their. I am a research associate at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, a global NGO advocating for sustainable and inclusive urban mobility, especially in low-income cities. I work on ITDP’s global metrics and indicators, most notably Pedestrians First.

I’m from Arlington, Virginia. I currently live across the river in DC, where I share an apartment with my friends in a very pleasant and walkable neighborhood, but I will always consider Arlington my first home. I have also lived in Providence, RI, and Amman, Jordan, where I learned to speak Arabic.

This website is my portfolio.

This site is divided into three sections. ‘Cities’ is the largest, and people who are looking at this page out of interest in my professional self should start there. But ‘Science’ and ‘Literature’ also contain a few pieces of my work that I’m proud of.